Musiker / musicians

George Darko

Lee Dodou

Bob Fiscian

Albert Jones

Daddy Lumba

Nana Acheampong

Collins Band

E.T. Mensah

Aaron Bebe Sukura

Nana Aboagye da Costa


Pat Thomas


Atongo Zimba

Nana Asamoah

mit / with

Faisal Helwani

Prof. John Collins

Eleonore Sylla

Peter Krick

Bodo Staiger

Big Joe

Loud Ameosii Banini

Charles Amoah

Kojo Aquai


Wilma Kiener

director of photography

Dieter Matzka

second camera

Alpha Yahaya Suberu

sound mix

Peter Krick

SKYLINE Tonfabrik

MSM – Studios GmbH

production manager Ghana

Alpha Yahaya Suberu

ProduktionsAssistentin /

production assistant

Judith Mensah

Regie und Schnitt /

directing and editing

Dieter Matzka

Wilma Kiener

Förderung / Support

FFF Bayern




Tourist Board Ghana

Produktion / Production


Filmproduktion (D)

Lampion Film (A)

Cinecon Africa Ghana Ltd.


DVCam, 112 Minuten

Copyright 2009

Drehorte / Locations

Ghana, Germany


MusicDocu by Wilma Kiener – Dieter Matzka – Yahaya Alpha Suberu

Highlife Music is the rock-'n'-roll of Africa, and it all started in Ghana, West Africa. There is hardly a musical style which has not been fused with Highlife rhythms. This led to the genesis of Burger Highlife, a fusion of traditional music with disco and funk that was created in the recording studios of Düsseldorf and Berlin by Ghanaian musicians. Accompanied by music and interviews, the film tells the story of how this specific brand of fusion music came about.

Top Burger Highlife stars, including George Darko, Lee Dodou, Pat Thomas, McGod, Bob Fiscian, Albert Jones, Nana Aboagye Da-Costa, Daddy Lumba, Nana Acheampong, Atongo Zimba and Nana Asamoah, John Collins and others, all present their hits. Since there is always more to music than the music itself, the documentary has also turned into a film about Ghana.

Coinciding with two major Goethe-Institut concerts presented in Accra under the heading MADE IN GERMANY - BURGER HIGHLIFE, the documentary “Who is Highlife?” was filmed in 2007 / 2008."_

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